As Christians, we are inspired by God’s amazing love and grace to worship Him; observe His principles and; manifest His love to one another. Our Church carries out these callings within three core ministry categories: Upreach, Inreach and Outreach. Our “Upreach” ministries encompass our weekly Worship Gatherings and constant submission to Christ. We emphasize prayer, the Biblical Word of God and joyful musical praise in every service. Ministries categorized as “Inreach” provide for the ongoing spiritual nourishment of our members through weekly bible studies, life groups, discipleship groups, pastoral counseling, leadership training, spiritual development classes and other personal growth initiatives.

Being fully satisfied in Christ, we take pleasure in sharing our abundant joy, time and resources with others who are in need through various “Outreach” ministries. Our missions begin within our community but expand internationally. These initiative are for the purpose of growing God’s Kingdom while providing humane care to orphans, the elderly, the homeless and all others in need. We invite you to join us in ministry.

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